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There were many new members joined Team UNICODE recently. This week we began a carpentry training courses. Team UNICODE invited a professional carpenter. Also, we used the specialized machine and equipment in the wood factory in school. In the learning process, we paid attention to every detail carefully because the production process was so dangerous and involved many safety issues. Hoping that each of our members could possess professional qualifications and proceed to France contest.


近期Team UNICODE新增了許多團員,在這週大家開始了木工課程訓練。Team UNICODE請來了專業級的木工師傅,並且利用學校木工廠空間和專業的機械設備進行基本的木工訓練。學習過程中,同學們都很謹慎的注意每個細節,因為制作過程是非常危險且攸關安全問題,希望在未來我們每位成員都可以具有專業資格,並前進法國參加競賽。

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