Keyword of the Week: Broadcast


This week, teacher Minnie Jan and the student leader, Sheng Kai Sky Tseng attended the broadcast, [氣候戰役在台灣] IC之音 FM97.5. The host, Win Chang shared and introduced the Solar Decathlon Europe Competition, which Chiao Tung University attended. The broadcast content included the winter camp held for the propagation of education, the experiences of green energy design, the project in France, and the expected influence.

本週由詹明旎老師與Student Leader曾聖凱參加IC之音廣播節目[氣候戰役在灣],主持人張楊乾分享及介紹交大能源屋[十項全能]競賽活動。內容包括針對教育推廣舉辦的冬令營、分享綠色能源設計的經驗,及在法國比賽的計劃與預計帶來的影響

FB :[ Solar Decathlon-Orchid House 交大能源屋計畫 ]

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