Keyword of the Week: PARIS


This week, the delegation of the team proceeded with the second stage workshop in France. Each parts of the team which each person is responsible for, needed to be reported to the SDE Organization and discussed. In this workshop, we not only communicated with the SDE Organization, but also had international communications with other teams from other countries. This workshop brought us more helpful benefits to the third stage in the future.


這一週, 團隊代表在法國進行第二階段的工作營 團隊每個人負責的部分,都必須向大會報告以及討論 在這次工作營裡面,不僅只是與大會的交流, 更是與其他國家的隊伍做一個國際交流,經過這一次的工作營 帶給我們往後的第三階段更有效益的幫助

下周關鍵字是什麼?越來越精彩, 敬請期待~

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