[Lecture] Taipei Future Tense

Taipei Future Tense, Architecture Exhibition Lecture

01-01October 5, 2013

David Tsang teacher
Talking about the little explicit happiness in Taipei Kingdom and the public nature of the avant-garde architecture
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: 2:00 pm-3: 30pm
Location: Flower Expo Park Hall (Beside the Expo Dome, walk for about five minutes from MRT Yuanshan Station)

Speaker: Tseng David (Prof. in Chiao Tung University Institute of Architecture)
The city gathers to form through the people. Architecture, which acts as the carrier of the different activities, plays a important role in the city. It can even be a catalyst for people to imagine. Along with the evolution of architecture, it bring more creative spark for the city. For Taipei, this city, what will the future scene be in your imagination?

Setting the circumstances between city and architecture, as well as Taipei as the topic, the lecture is delivered by Prof. Tsang David. Both city image and architectural appearance are indispensable. They are related closely. We invite you to join us to explore the city scene which is presented by the combination and separation of the city image and architectural appearance.

Through this speech, Prof. Tsang David also promotes the concept of SDE spirit to the public.


地點:花博公園會館(花博公園爭豔館旁,捷運圓山站步行約五分鐘 | 地圖




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