The Team Strives for Production

The Team Strives for Production

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Quoted from Prof. David Tseng:

Team Unicode of the Graduate Institute of Architecture is striving for the success.

Short-listed as top 20 teams for the SDE 2014 competition, NCTU Unicode and other top universities will build solar house with green energy, water retaining and smart technology in Versailles, France, in June 2014. Our project, Solar Decathlon-Orchid House, is currently under heavy development.

Jointly with the industries, partners, faculty and students, this is the first time a Taiwanese team earn the honor to go to SDE. I deeply moved by the contributions made by students, colleagues, donors (especially the anonymous gentleman with great amount of funds donation) and all participants. Let’s applause for the team and expect for their outstanding performance.

建築所 Team Unicode 全員努力中!

SDE 2014 官方 short-listed 台灣交通大學建築所與其他世界頂尖研究大學將於明年在凡爾賽宮蓋出綠能保水智慧生活未來住宅, Solar Decathlon-Orchid House 交大能源屋計畫 刻正如火如荼進行中。


轉自 曾成德 教授

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