Keyword of the Week: Solar Panels

week34-08This week, the solar panels offered by our sponsors, Delta, arrived at our studio.
This is so exciting. Unicode Team members can’t wait to unpack, check the solar panels,and test the completeness. This is a big step in our progress.
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這週我們的贊助商 台達電, 提供給我們的太陽能板送達到我們的工作室了!!!!! 這是一件振奮人心的事情,UNICODE團隊成員,迫不急待的進行拆箱作業,來檢查及測試太陽能板的完整性,這對我們的進度來說是一個大躍進!!
下周關鍵字是什麼?越來越精彩, 敬請期待~

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