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35 weeks to SDE. 1:20 Model for the Deliverable #3 is ready for shipping.

The model is ready for shipping!

Finally we have completed the big 1:20 model! It is for Deliverable #3 and will be exhibited with other 19 teams in events promoting SDE. The team spent great amount of time crafting the details and remaking every part of the model to reflect the latest design as precise as possible.

In order for the model to safely reach France, we used plastic wrap and foam packing to protect the model. And of course we have booked a luxury VIP seat for it to fly to France. As it enroute to SDE headquarter, it is also the prelude of the Deliverable #3.

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1:20大模型終於在團隊通力合作、不分日夜、用心良苦製作下完成了!此模型是第三次進度查核(Delivarable #3)的必要項目,將與其餘19個隊伍的模型參與巡迴展覽,推廣SDE理念。除了重新製作模型、精準呈現最新的設計內容外,我們也花了不少精力在細節上。


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