Keyword of the Week: YKK AP

【Keyword of the Week ・ YKK AP】

This week, our team has frequent discussions that focus on the facade and framework detail design with our technical support vendors : YKK AP. We will have a great partnership with YKK AP until the end of this project. Our goals are the same: do the best design proposal. In the YKK AP exhibition room,there are a lot of great cases and material samples. We hope we can combine these materials with our orchid house in the future!
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【本周關鍵字 ・YKK AP】競賽前42週
本周工作團隊和我們的技術支援廠商:YKK AP,針對立面框架相關的細部設計進行了密切的開會與討論。我們與YKK AP到計畫完成前都會保持良好的合作關係,希望可以一同做出最佳的設計方案。我們也參觀了 YKK AP 的展示間,裡頭有很多很棒的案例與材料樣品,未來也都有很大的機會可以跟我們的 Orchid House 做結合。
下周關鍵字是什麼? 越來越精彩, 敬請期待~

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