Keyword of the Week: Bayer


41 weeks to SDE. Thank Taiwan Bayer Company for giving us more imagination about the façade materials. Bayer PC board (polycarbonate) not only allows light to penetrate in but also isolates the heat. It’s a good choice of building façade because it makes indoor space bright as well as reduces the energy consumption. Our Orchid House replaces the original glass with Bayer PC Board. So that it can meet modern environmental requirements and reduce the burden on construction assembly. It kills two birds with one stone.

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【本周關鍵字 ・拜耳】

41周。感謝台灣拜耳公司,提供了我們對於立面材料更多的想像,拜耳PC板(聚碳酸酯)可以讓光線穿透同時也隔絕熱源,是用在建築物的立面的良好選擇,白天既能保持室內的亮度又節省能源開支,我們的Orchid House以拜耳PC板取代原本玻璃的部分,既能符合現代環保的要求,又能減輕施工組裝的負擔,實在是一舉兩得。

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