Keyword of the Week: Visit

【Keyword of the Week ・ Visit】

44 WEEK OF Visit
We specially thanks to teacher Pei-Hsien Hsu, who arranged our visiting to the XinWaWu Conference Hall in this week, so all students can learn those significant knowledge and building
construction process from this real eco-architecture case.
By joining the movie show : “The Impact Man”, hold from Delta Electronics Foundation, many design concept has been inspired. We consider it as a great experience so we learn from it and later we can make a better design.
What’s the keyword of next week?
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【本周關鍵字 ・參訪】
感謝許倍銜老師,這星期安排參訪了新瓦屋綠色節能集會堂! 讓同學們實際接觸真實的案例來了解節能建築的相關設計與施作工法。另外同學們也參加了台達電子文教基金會舉辦的”紐約零碳熟男”電影欣賞會,透過電影內容激發大家對設計上的創意發想,相信對之後我們Orchid House的設計有大的幫助喔~
越來越精彩, 敬請期待~!

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