Keyword of the Week: Newcomers

【Keyword of the Week ・ Newcomers】 

46 WEEK OF Newcomers-01
This week, NCTU/UNICODE threw a welcome party for the newcomers on the team~ With our studio filled up with the best possible team members, we’re all pumped up for next year! In 2014 on the palace grounds of Versailles, we’ll let the world see what the Orchid House – and Taiwan – is made of!
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【本周關鍵字 ・新生】
這星期是迎新會~歡迎新生加入我們 NCTU/UNICODE的團隊! 實驗室的位置都坐滿了,氣氛也很活潑,希望大家一起加油準備明年去凡爾賽宮比賽,展現 Orchid House 以及台灣的實力!
越來越精彩, 敬請期待~!

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