Keyword of the Week: Typhoon

【Keyword of the Week ・ Typhoon】
49 WEEK OF Typhoon-01
Typhoon Soulik passed over Taiwan this week, bringing heavy rain and record-breaking strong winds. Over a thousand mm of rainwater fell in just two days, which is too much for even well-designed sewers to handle, so many areas in Taiwan experienced flooding. NCTU/UNICODE plans to prevent disasters like these the rainwater-harvesting function of our Orchid House!
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【本周關鍵字 ・ 颱風】
這星期, 蘇力颱風來拜訪,校園裡的樹東倒西歪~
希望未來台灣有Orchid House 雨水收集系統就能減輕排水道的負擔!
越來越精彩, 敬請期待~!




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