Keyword of the Week: Ruentex

【Keyword of the Week ・ Ruentex】

47 WEEK of Ruentex
This week, NCTU/UNICODE met in Taipei with the President and other team members of Ruentex Group to discuss construction plans for the Orchid House. The team really appreciates Ruentex’s generosity in not only helping us build prefabricated house parts, but also analyzing the most efficient order to put the parts together. We’ll be heading to Versailles, France in 47 weeks!
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【本周關鍵字 ・潤泰】
這星期, NCTU/UNICODE 團隊在台北跟潤泰集團的尹總裁以及潤泰團員開會討論建造Orchid House的細節。感謝潤泰同意幫NCTU/UNICODE預先製造Orchid House 的零件並且交代組裝步驟,最後讓學生自己在法國現場組合~ NCTU/UNICODE 加油!
越來越精彩, 敬請期待~!

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