SDE Workshop #1 | Introduction of NCTU Unicode

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NCTU UNICODE Team is led by Professor David Tseng to participate SDE Workshop in Versailles – Paris – France for the first time.

Project Principle Professor David Tseng introduced that NCTU UNICODE Team is composed with cross-disciplinary groups of not only faculty and students, academic and industry, but also professionals, diverse specializations and expertise.
Project Design Director Professor Daisuke Nagatomo demonstrated how NCTU UNICODE Project generates ideas from different innovative point of view.
NCTU student representative Ms. Yating Wu illustrated the concept of NCTU UNICODE Project-Orchid House.

SDE Workshop started on the first day of spring at ECOBAT Fair with Mme Cecile DUFLOT, French Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing.

Photo courtesy of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014


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